Our trusted advisors

Geraldine Maenhout


Geraldine obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the KH Leuven and a Master’s degree in Business Communication at the KU Leuven.

She started her professional career as a Marketing Assistant at Total Energies in 2014 and was promoted 6 months later to Data Communication Coordinator. In 2016, Geraldine left Total Energies for a career in the fast casual dining industry. She launched a start-up food shop called ‘Jeanbon’ with five shops in Brussels and the ambition for two more in Paris next year. This experience allowed her to develop her marketing skills and entrepreneurial attitude in the food industry. At the end of her career at Jeanbon, Geraldine was in charge of all HR topics. This is what she loved most: attracting and developing people.

Passionated by people and ready for a new adventure, she joined Altior in 2022 as Executive Search Consultant. Geraldine’s areas of expertise include client communications, relationship management, social media strategy and management skills.

You can contact Gerladine bij e-mail on geraldine.maenhout@altior.be.